“Put Your Shoulder To The Wheel”

Hercules and the Wagoner

A Wagoner was once driving a heavy load along a very muddy

way.  At last he came to a part of the road where the wheels sank

half-way into the mire, and the more the horses pulled, the deeper

sank the wheels.  So the Wagoner threw down his whip, and knelt

down and prayed to Hercules the Strong.  “O Hercules, help me in

this my hour of distress,” quoth he.  But Hercules appeared to

him, and said:

“Tut, man, don’t sprawl there.  Get up and put your shoulder

to the wheel.

Moral: The gods help them that help themselves.



The Fox and the Goat

Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties

The Fox and the Goat


By an unlucky chance a Fox fell into a deep well from which he

could not get out.  A Goat passed by shortly afterwards, and asked

the Fox what he was doing down there.  “Oh, have you not heard?”

said the Fox; “there is going to be a great drought, so I jumped

down here in order to be sure to have water by me.  Why don’t you

come down too?”  The Goat thought well of this advice, and jumped

down into the well.  But the Fox immediately jumped on her back,

and by putting his foot on her long horns managed to jump up to

the edge of the well.  “Good-bye, friend,” said the Fox, “remember

next time,


Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.”

Excerpt from AESOP’S FABLES